Cas McCullough – Brilliant Content, Author and Podcast Diva

Cas McCullough - Brilliant Content, Author and Podcast Diva

Cas is founder of Brilliant Content, a content marketing consultancy in Brisbane, Australia. Cas also writes for Social Media Examiner and the Australian Businesswomen’s Network and is the Author of “Your Brilliant Un-Career: Women, entrepreneurship, and making the leap.”

Cas hosts two podcasts – ‘Your Brilliant Un-Career Podcast’ and the ‘Brilliant Content Ideas Podcast’.

“I’ve really improved my listening skills by doing it.” 

Episode 4 of Podcast Divas

In episode 4 of Podcast Divas find out how Cas went from being socially anxious to Podcast Diva and much more besides as we chat about:

  • How long Cas took to get started in podcasting
  • Big guests but poor equipment
  • Dan Norris’s blunt advice
  • What gets Cas fired up
  • Women and confidence
  • The Facebook strategy Cas used to get into New and Noteworthy
  • Competition in exchange for reviews
  • Why its hard to get reviews
  • How to view all your international reviews at once
  • The guerrilla tactics learnt from John Lee Dumas
  • Talking versus writing
  • How much it cost to get started
  • Why Cas likes podcasting
  • To structure or not and what it depends on
  • Making people feel comfortable
  • The intimacy of podcasting
  • The podcasters that taught Cas
  • Relationship building
  • The game changer
  • Self sponsoring your show
  • Podcasting and growing an email list
  • Content marketing and podcast efficiencies
  • Sponsorship and niches
  • Dating and home-schooling
  • Fitting it all in
  • Workflow – editing, show notes and processes

“I’ve had a quite a few podcast virgins on my show”


“Now that I’m doing it I could do it all day.”

  1. Podcasting is great for establishing and developing a relationship with another person or business.
  2. Podcasting is an efficient use of content.
  3. Record one day a week on and set up online calendar to only accept interviews on that day.
  4. Always listen back to yourself, even when you outsource.
  5. Do your intros straight away after recording your episode.

“You’re your harshest critic but you learn by listening back to things. The more I did it the more I relaxed.”

#1 recommendation for Divas-in-waiting

Dive in, feet first, just do it. You’re never going to start off perfectly. Just get started, it doesn’t’ have to be perfect you’ll perfect it and learn it as you go.

“My interviewing skills have improved out of sight.”

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If you want to listen to an episode, Cas recommends her interview with lifecoach Annie Hwong on ‘Difficult transitions and personal growth

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