Wellness Warrior Nicole Keating on podcasting

Wellness Warrior Nicole Keating on Podcasting

‘I like to talk. I felt like that was something I could do well.’

Episode 14 of Podcast Divas puts Nicole Keating in the spotlight. Nicole is on a mission to live a life of Epic Wellness, and to inspire and help others do the same through her podcast The Art of Epic Wellness.

If you’re wondering what the art of epic wellness is, Nicole describes it as a life of physical, spiritual and emotional vitality – surely something we all want! Nicole’s podcasting journey has been one of highs and lows, challenges and triumphs, and most of all of self-discovery and a love of the medium of podcasting and what it’s done for her.

‘I’m becoming this podcast-obsessed woman …I’m driving and I’m listening, I’m walking and I’m listening and I’m doing my clothes and I’m listening.  Every moment I could get I started listening to podcasts.’

Listen to episode 14 to find our more, including:

  • What listeners get out of listening to Nicole’s show
  • The epic eight questions
  • The story behind how Nicole started the podcast
  • What Nicole learnt from her mentor, Hal Elrod
  • How Nicole became obsessed with podcasts
  • Why Nicole loved the idea of podcasting
  • A 180 degree turn on monetizing
  • Your pie of time
  • The challenge of being what you teach
  • The tough times Nicole went through
  • The beauty of organic monetization
  • Being responsive to your audience
  • How Nicole was scared to make the jump into podcasting
  • The mistakes she made on launch
  • Her one regret (we’re talking podcasting here!)
  • The pros and cons of getting ahead with your show recordings
  • The podcast learning curve
  • Technological mistakes and lessons learned
  • The different editing and show notes models Nicole has tried
  • The best way to record your intro

‘I was so scared to jump off.’

Recording equipment

‘My podcasting became the most epic networking experience ever. I met so many great people and deepened all these relationships.’

Top tips for Divas-in-waiting

Get out of your head and start creating. the path only becomes clear as you start taking action.

Write up your intro before your interview and record it live as you record your show

‘Just go back and listen to everyone’s first show and you’ll feel much better.’

Suggested episodes of The Art of Epic Wellness

  • Episode 50 John Vroman – The Art of Living Life in the Front Row
  • Episode 30 Paleo, Bliss and Making Happines the World’s Default with the Merrymaker Sisters

‘As a medium it excited me to be able to reach people in this way.’ 

Nicole’s recommended Podcast Divas

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