How Podcasting Changed my Life and Business – Michaela Clark

How Podcasting Changed my Life and Business - Michaela Clark

“It’s the best thing I’ve done personally as well as professionally.”

Get set to be inspired as Michaela Clark shares her story in episode 6 of Podcast Divas – How podcasting changed my life and business.

If you’re a podcaster this will motivate and enthuse you and if you’re not yet podcasting this will encourage you to get started.

Michaela lives in Australia where she founded Tradies VA – a service to free up tradies’ time to work on their business or whatever they want. Michaela describes herself as a proud Tradie wife, mother of 3 boys, who helps tradies work less and make more money.

Michaela is not only a great businesswoman, she is a Podcast Diva. I’m thrilled to talk to Michaela in episode 6 about her experience as a podcaster and what it’s meant for her and her business.

In episode 5 you find out:

  • What a tradie is
  • How long it took Michaela to get going
  • Her biggest fears before starting podcasting
  • How Michaela went from shy and reserved to public speaking
  • Why it’s all about having fun
  • Why you shouldn’t worry about what you sound like
  • The value of asking a personal question
  • How Michaela got tradies to listen to her podcast
  • The value of a longer term vision
  • How to educate your audience about podcasting
  • How to educate your audience about your show
  • Starting a podcast with no budget
  • The difference investing $500 makes
  • The pros and cons of planning episodes
  • Using feedback and questions from the audience
  • Workflow and sharing the work
  • Monetising a podcast from day 1
  • Building a membership site off the podcast
  • What podcasting’s done for Michaela’s business
  • Getting direct clients from a podcast episode
  • How the podcast led to incredible amazing partnership opportunities
  • Putting on the first podcast conference in the southern hemisphere

“The biggest thing was I stopped worrying about what other people thought of it.”

Podcasting tips

  • Batch recordings.
  • Talk to your industry influencers, trade bodies and associations about your show.
  • Video and write up a full procedure of everything you do so you can outsource it at some point.

“I get really excited about sharing the message because I’m really passionate about it and the difference its made to my business.”

Recommendation for starting a podcast

  • If you’re worried about starting find a co-host.
  • Get out of your own way and just start doing it.

“If people like it that’s great and if they don’t they wont listen to it.”

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