Introducing Podcast Divas with Kathryn Bryant

Introducing Podcast Divas

It’s episode 1 of Series 1 of Podcast Divas! Welcome!

I’m super excited to introduce this new podcast. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time – and now the time is right and it is here. Hooray.

In this first episode you’ll find out:

  • What a Podcast Diva is (or should that literally be Podcast Goddess)
  • What the show is about
  • Who Podcast Divas is for
  • Why I’m doing it
  • The surprising or not so surprising stats about women in podcasting
  • What you can expect from Podcast Divas and if it’s for you
  • Who Kathryn Bryant is and the story of my podcasting journey

You can find more about Podcast Divas here

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What to do next

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This would be fab, as it gets the show in front of more people – and I’ll know you’re the best!

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Thank you – you’re amazing

Thank you for being amazing and listening to the first episode of Podcast Divas. Until next time – to all you Podcast Divas and Divas-in-waiting – let’s get out there and make some noise…

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