Izabela Russell – Audio Entrepreneur and Podcast Diva

“ The show must go on.”

It’s only right and fitting Izabela Russell is the first Podcast Diva stepping into the spotlight; not only is Isabella part of the podcasting scene in the UK but also part of my podcast journey.

Izabela Russell is host of Analysing Brands – Branding Cow and co-host of the Audio Production Show from Music Radio Creative, a company producing jingles, intros and voiceovers where Izabela is a director alongside husband Mike Russell. Izabela is also the co-founder of UK Podcasters and Managing Director and co-founder of the New Media Europe conference, and co-host of the New Media Europe Show podcast.

Episode 2

As you can tell from this description, podcasting is now a huge part of Izabela’s life and business but it wasn’t always like that. In episode 2 Izabela talks about how she went from banking to podcasting and much more including:

  • How Izabela was dragged into podcasting.
  • How long it took to record her first session.
  • Finding her inner voice and broadcasting it on a podcast.
  • The unusual podcast experiment Izabela and Mike undertook.
  • Split testing podcast subjects, lessons learned and the results.
  • From 1 podcast to 5 and back to 1.
  • Outsourcing a podcast and the post production process
  • Work flow.
  • Podcasting as part of a lifestyle choice.
  • Why you should have a website.
  • Going against the status quo.
  • UK Podcasters and New Media Europe

“I was terrified!  My mic technique was totally not there… I used to feel stressed…but now it’s just a conversation.”

Top tips

“A podcast is about getting to know the real you….It’s quite difficult to find the real you…Do not lose patience it will eventually come out”.

  • Do not be afraid to ask.
  • Don’t let the process put you off starting – you can always outsource it.
  • Don’t be a Diva-In-Waiting any longer!

“Things I know can be done by someone else – I will happily and easily outsource.”

#1 recommendation for Divas-in-waiting

Get a plan of action, set a date and be accountable for it. Get an accountability buddy. Break it down to smaller steps and tiny sub tasks to create an agile working environment.

“Make a plan… break it down to tiny sub steps… Take it one step at a time.”

Which of Izabela’s shows to listen to:

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