Kelly Long – Inspiring educator and Podcast Diva

Kelly Long

Kelly Long is stepping into the Podcast Diva spotlight today.

Kelly has been a high school teacher for the past 9 years.  Kelly says she’s continuously learning and evolving as a teacher, and one of the ways she’s doing this is through her award nominated podcast – Inspiration 4 Teachers – where she interviews dynamic and inspirational educators with the aim of empowering educators everywhere.  Full time teacher, mother of two young children.

“I didn’t even know what podcasting was.”

Episode 3

In episode 3 of Podcast Divas Kelly shares her podcasting story. The opportunities and challenges she’s’ experienced and the amazing impact that podcasting has had on her personal and professional life.  Plus many nuggets of wisdom for future podcasters and Divas in waiting looking to follow her lead.

“Since I became a podcaster my skill sets has absolutely grown to the benefit of my students. I love the fact I can pass on those skills.”

You’ll hear about:

  • How Kelly first came across podcasting
  • Why talking about passion is not for Kelly
  • Why you need to think about what makes you angry
  • What gets Kelly fired up and inspired her to start podcasting
  • Podcasting as a learning vehicle in schools
  • The benefits of podcasting over blogging for communication and impact
  • What Kelly’s hearing in her head while interviewing her guests
  • Using mind maps in podcasting
  • Overcoming your barriers and fear of failure
  • The unplanned opportunities coming Kelly’s way
  • How Kelly fits it all in with a full time job and 2 young children
  • What Kelly’s day looks like
  • Challenges in getting started
  • Getting guests in the early days before you’ve launched
  • How much it cost Kelly to set up at the start and on-going costs
  • Kelly’s 21 touch points for each episode
  • Kelly’s regimented workflow process

“I can’t get over how many opportunities have come my way due to me doing this.”

Top tips

  • It all comes down to taking action
  • First challenge is deciding what you want your show to be. You need a clear and distinct idea of what you want your podcast to be so you can sell your idea and vision of what you want to achieve to your guests and listeners.
  • Connect into the podcast community
  • Book interviews together and record in bulk
  • Edit at double fast speed
  • Be happy in small gains and celebrate every win
  • Have a growth mindset

“I feel like I’ve come alive”

Top tools

  • Audacity to record and edit – a free resource
  • Pamela for Skype to record Skype interviews on your PC
  • Canva to do all image work – a free to use resource

#1 productivity tip

Be consistent and do the same thing day in day out. A regimented attitude will eventually reap massive rewards.

#1 recommendation for Divas-in-waiting

Just lean in and do it, everything is figure-outable but someone else has been there and done it so don’t be afraid to ask because people like to help.

“From a personal growth point of view starting this journey has been phenomenal.”

Which of Kelly’s show episode to listen to:

Inspriation4Teachers Episode 19 in which Trevor Regan and Tammy Mehan talk about feedback to student and the right sort of praise, leading to a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset.

Another podcast Diva we should be listening to:

Other Links and resources mentioned

Where to find Kelly

  • On Twitter -@Inspiration4T. Reach out to Kelly on and let her know you’ve listened to this episode.
  • Website Inspiration4Teachers

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