Why you should love your podcast (and more) from Iszi Lawrence

Why you should love your podcast (and more) with Iszi Lawrence

Iszi Lawrence is an international stand up comedian from Reading, England, a longtime podcaster and happily for us – today’s Podcast Diva.

Podcasting since 2008 with Sundays Supplement – a comedy podcast where Iszi and co-host Simon Dunn review the Sunday
Newspaper Supplements, Iszi launched The Z List Dead List a podcast about obscure people from history in September 2014.

In that time Iszi has produced hundreds of episodes and shares her experience on why first and foremost you need to love your
podcast, what makes a good podcast, tips and advice for doing this and much more in episode 16 of Podcast Divas, including:

  • Where exactly is Reading and is it really better than Slough
  • Two great reasons Iszi is well qualified for Podcast Divadom
  • The pointless purpose of the Sunday Supplements Podcast and 3 useful things about it
  • What was happening in 2008 that made Iszi think podcasting was a good idea
  • Why you should be in the room with your cohost
  • How Iszi came to have 20 minutes of material on the scrotum frog
  • Why after 6 years of podcasting Iszi started a new podcast about dead people from history
  • What the Z list dead list is
  • What a six foot tall bisexual sword fighting nun got up to and other amazing characters from history
  • Research and the rules of the show
  • How to record a live show for a podcast episode
  • Why a podcast should be an end in itself and not the means to something else
  • The beauty of podcasts over TV and Radio
  • Getting donations to cover your podcast costs
  • Podcast merchandising
  • Why Iszi dressed up as a Roman centurion in December by a lake wearing headphones
  • British versus American views on working hard for success
  • Whether to record in batches and release in series

‘You have to do stuff as well as you can for the purpose of doing it only.  Then if other stuff comes out of it, brilliant, but if you’re doing it for something else and not for it’s own thing, the love wont be there.  You’ll give up on it very quickly’. 


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Tips for podcasters and Divas-in-waiting

‘Bore yourself rigid and look at how to do sound and editing, and this thing called multiband compression, really understand that! Because the only thing that stops me giving your podcast a listen is the sound quality’.

Do an idea that interests you – don’t worry if it interests anybody else.

Give it your all.

‘Get a co-host who does all the editing!’

Iszi’s favorite episodes

Z List Dead List:

  • An English Country Garden Series 4 Episode 4 It’s very rude –
    you’ve been warned.
  • Cornish Pastors – Series 1 Episode 1
  • En Garde: Attack of The Killer Nun – Series 5 Episode 1

‘There are opportunities, but the main reason I’m doing it is because I want to make a nice show. If I did it for any other reason it wouldn’t be a nice show….it is in itself a worthwhile thing to do.’

Sundays Supplement

  • There are no good episodes according to Iszi – so definitely check it out!

Where to find Iszi

‘If I can’t put headphones on and listen to you because I’m constantly fiddling with the volume I’m not going to listen.’

Thank you

Thank you to Iszi Lawrence for being a wonderful guest and Podcast Diva and to you for listening.

If you liked the show please let Iszi know, tell your friends and leave a review on iTunes.  Cheers – Kathryn x

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