Podcast Resources

These are the equipment and resources I use for Podcast Divas or elsewhere or I think will be helpful to you.

A few of them may be affiliate links for which I may receive a small remuneration for sending you their way, but it is at no extra cost to you.

Kathryn recording at BBC Radio Suffolk

Kathryn recording at BBC Radio Suffolk

Audio Technica ATR2100-US


Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB microphone – USB Cardiod Dynamic microphone – This is the microphone I use for Podcast Divas and the Changeability Podcast. It provides fantastic value for money for a good sound and allows you to plug it directly into your computer via USB or into a mixer with XLR input (which I use).

Blue Snowball - USB microphone - This is what we started out using and will also give you a good sound. This is a reasonably priced USB microphone and is very easy to use.

Heil PR-40 Professional Studio Vocal Microphone – This is the elite microphone which many of the big names use. It’s a top end product which comes at a higher price but it’s totally worth it.


Behringer X1204USB Xenyx Mixer - Depending on the microphone you use you may need or desire a mixer. This is the middle range mixer I use. It enables you to mix more than one audio source e.g. two microphones.

Beyringer Xenyx 1204USB

Beyringer Xenyx 1204USB

Recording and editing your podcast

Audacity  - Free software for recording and editing.

Logic Pro – A sophisticated downloadable program for recording and editing, and what I use.

Auphonic – A free resource for levelling out the sound of your edited episode.

Superlux headphones

Editing service

Podcasting Press – This is a very reasonable priced editing service. If you don’t want to edit your own episodes just download your andio file and let Podcasting Press edit it for you and get it back to you within 72 hours. Different packages are available depending on how much you want to outsource and prices start from just $97 a month for up to 4 episodes.

Podcast intros, outros and jingles

Music Radio Creative – You can buy a wide range of bespoke intros, outros and jingles at New Music Creative. Choose the sort of voice you want and give them your text and you have an intro.

Podcast hosting

Libsyn – It’s in your interest to host your podcast with an external hosting service rather than on your website. This will avoid taking up your website’s bandwidth when your podcast becomes really popular – as you know it will. Libsyn is a paid service that allows you to easily see your podcast stats for each day and episode and you can pay according to the level of stats and services you want access to.

For your website

Simple Podcast Player – As the name suggests this is a podcast player for your website. But it’s so much more and comes highly recommended for it’s additional features. It is basically a WordPress plugin and provides excellent value for it’s reasonable cost.

Web Hosting

Siteground – For website hosting I use Siteground. Having tried other Internet Service Providers for hosting my websites in the past, I can say that this is the best level of customer service I’ve experienced, and the hosting package is well priced and delivers a reliable service

WordPress – Free way of setting up your website.

Optimize Press – Paid website theme to use in conjunction with WordPress.

Pretty links – Free resource for making a short or specific link to your episode post or show notes.

Canva – Free resource for creating graphics for your blog post or show notes.

Social media tools and plugins

Buffer – Free resource to schedule social media posts

Tweetdeck – For managing multiple twitter accounts.

Rivive old posts – paid or free wordpress plugin to automatically retweet links to blog posts or show notes.