Podcast systems for success with Kate Erickson

Podcast Systems for Success with Kate Erickson

Shining brightly in the Podcast Diva spotlight today is the marvellous Kate Erickson. Kate is host of the podcast ‘Kate’s Take’ – the audio blog for Entrepreneur on Fire – where she shares a behind-the scenes look at how to run a 7 figure business and step by step lessons on how to create, grow and monetise a business. That’s because Kate is content and community leader at EOFire and the other half, in business and life, of Entrepreneur on Fire host John Lee Dumas. Kate is also the author of The Fire Path – a beginner’s guide to growing your online business.

If you’ve listened to Kate’s Take or know anything about Entrepreneur on Fire you’ll know Kate and John have achieved massive success through the podcast and the related activities coming out of EOFire. But you might not know that much of that success is down to the way they run their business and the fantastic systems and processes Kate has put in place to make this multi-faceted business work.

We might not all be running million dollar enterprises but we can all make use of systems and processes to improve our own podcasting work flow, businesses and lives. So I’m delighted and excited to talk to Kate about how she got into podcasting, her fears and how she overcomes them, what podcasting’s done for her, and how implementing systems and processes transformed her life and business, and can do the same for you.

It’s all there in episode 10 of Podcast Divas; Podcast systems for success with Kate Erickson. It’s certainly got me fired up to do more work on my systems and processes and I hope it inspires you to do the same.

“Recording a podcast and having my own podcast was the scariest thing in the world to me at the point I launched my podcast.”

In episode 10 of Podcast divas you find out:

  • What Entrepreneur On Fire is and how Kate became involved with it
  • Why Kate’s first business didn’t work out and her move to becoming a successful entrepreneur
  • The two reasons Kate started her own podcast
  • What scares Kate most and how she curbs her fear
  • Kate’s evolving avatar
  • Listening to your audience
  • Kate’s healthy obsession
  • How Kate found her groove
  • The transforming power of systems and processes
  • A three step method to record and systemise your podcast process
  • How a simple piece of paper is all you need for step one (plus pen of course)
  • The good thing about repetitive tasks
  • The tiny steps of researching guests
  • How determining efficiencies is the fun part
  • Why you want to automate, delegate, batch
  • What if you don’t have a team
  • The magic of batching
  • The danger of context switching and what it means
  • Why its good to theme your days
  • What to do when you’re interrupted
  • Why out of sight out of mind is a good policy
  • How to figure out and find your perfect listener
  • The stepping stones of fear and how to use them
  • How Kate went from thinking people wouldn’t want to hear from her to getting up on stage and delivering a presentation

“This is the fun part, this is when we get to actually start saving ourselves time.”

Kate’s #1 tip for starting a podcast

Figure out who your perfect listener is:

  • What are they struggling with right now?
  • Where do they want to be?
  • What are their dreams and aspirations?

Because once you find out who that person is, you can go and out and start finding them, in online communities, in the comments section of other people’s blogs, (even if you don’t have your own blog,) and join that conversation. Start a conversation with your audience and people will listen when you start your podcast because you’re giving them what they want to know.

“When we have this huge thing that we’re afraid of, we don’t have to go from where we are today to overcoming that, but we just need to take one step towards overcoming that fear.”

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