Podcasting Lawyer Alison Colley

Podcasting Lawyer Alison Colley

“I feel like I’ve got a voice now, I have something to say and some people like to listen.”

Stepping into the spotlight today is Podcast Diva and podcasting lawyer Alison Colley

Alison describes herself as a

‘Lawyer, entrepreneur, podcaster, runner (well I try), mum of one and enthusiastic Isle of Wight resident.’

In fact Alison loves the Isle of Wight so much she started a podcast about it 3 years ago with partner Tony. The Real Isle of Wight podcast is a full, frank and funny guide to all things Isle of Wight.

“With the IOW podcast, some of the facts are true and some are made up by Tony!”

Alison also hosts The Employment Law and HR Podcast, relating to her work as a solicitor (lawyer) and sole-practitioner at her firm, Real Employment Law Advice.The HR & Employment Law Podcast is an easy to listen to legal and practical guide giving updates on the Law and best practice for managing and recruiting staff and dealing with issues.

In episode 5 you find out:

  • The book that first inspired Alison on her entrepreneurial journey
  • The two business podcasts that got Alison started setting up her own business
  • How to go from hobby to business
  • Why Alison began podcasting
  • About the incognito podcaster
  • Who told her ‘Good content – shame about the terrible sound!’
  • What’s changed over 3 years of podcasting
  • What are the possibilities for monetisation
  • Ways to get noticed on iTunes
  • Why people listen to the Employment Law and HR podcast
  • What the podcast has meant for the business
  • What podcasting has done for Alison
  • Life above the parapet
  • Challenges faced and overcome
  • Irritations around outsourcing editing
  • The highs of podcasting
  • Our theories about why there are fewer female podcasters
  • The beauty of processes and templates

“It’s helped with my confidence, to put my head above the parapet and to put myself out there with my personality.


Podcasting productivity tips

  • Write down all your processes right from the beginning.
  • Set up templates for your podcast e.g. audio intro and outro.
  • Create a process for editing – e.g. the order you do everything in.
  • Create a template for your show notes, keep them really simple and use same format every time.
  • These will save time.

#1 recommendation for starting a podcast

Just start – it’s about practice over perfection.

“You don’t have to tell anyone about it to start – you can just do it for yourself until you get more confident.”

Your #1 episode of your show

Real Isle of White – episode 30 about Cowes Week

Another Podcast Diva we should be listening to

Why? – Because she’s living the lifestyle design that everyone talks about.

Contact Alison

“Practice over perfection.”

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