PR for Podcasters with Janet Murray

PR for podcasters with Janet Murray

Would you like more people to know about your podcast? Do you want more people to listen to your podcast? Of course, because as a podcaster you want to get your message out and your voice heard.

In episode 9 of Podcast Divas we put PR for podcasters in the spotlight with PR expert, journalist and podcaster Janet Murray.

Janet has been writing and editing for national newspapers and magazines like the Guardian, Telegraph, Independent and Times, for the past fifteen years. Pitching and placing

Janet’s pitched and placed countless stories in the national media and commissioned hundreds of stories (turning down many more). So it’s true to say she knows a thing or two about what journalists are looking for in a story, and what they’re not.

The good news is Janet believes PR doesn’t have to be difficult and in episode 9 of Podcast Divas we talk about how podcasters can go about getting PR for their shows. After hearing how Janet started her new podcast, Soulful PR.

‘I knew I could do it but it was more the mechanics of it, what do I do first, what’s the first step to take and then what do I do next and what do I do after that… So it was really breaking it down into small manageable pieces.’

In episode 9 of Podcast Divas you’ll learn:

  • How Janet came to podcasting
  • How long it took to get started because of the fears and challenges that held her back
  • The specific steps that took Janet from no podcast to launch in 4 weeks
  • The marketing strategy that got Janet into New & Noteworthy on iTunes in 24 hours
  • What PR is
  • The difference between PR and branding
  • The 80/20 marketing content rule
  • Why podcasting is a form of PR
  • What should we think about before starting out on PR for podcasts
  • How to go about getting PR for your show with a Podcast Divas case study (putting me on the spot)
  • The questions to ask yourself
  • The research that will help you find your audience
  • What you should ask 10-15 people
  • Why you need to stop talking about your podcast
  • Will your PR idea pass the Facebook test
  • Why you should embrace divided opinions
  • Real stories that got media traction
  • What does mining your life mean
  • Why being a podcaster gives you a head start

‘PR is about how you show up in the world.’

Top PR tips for podcasters

The 3 principles to get coverage

  1. Service – be of service to journalists and their audiences, by understanding what they and and their audience want.
  2. Sincerity – offer stories from the heart, because heartfelt stories resonate with people.
  3. Simplicity – Be direct, keep it simple, straightforward and and easy for them to understand the value you’re providing

‘If you want to get PR for your podcast don’t talk about your podcast!’

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‘I just wanted something I could plug in and go with’

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