Scummy Mummies and Podcasting

Scummy Mummies and Podcasting

‘We own our podcast and are very precious about it, even though there’s a sense of fun and silliness we are serious about the quality of it and the jokes.’

Episode 13 of Podcast Divas puts, not one but, two ladies in the spotlight –Scummy Mummies, Ellie Gibson and Helen ThornEllie Gibson and Helen Thorn of The Scummy Mummies Podcast – a popular fortnightly chat show for less-than-perfect parents, which regularly tops the kids and family category on iTunes in the UK.

‘We do like a cat suit – preferably gold lame.’

This was such a fun episode to record and I think you can tell that Helen and Ellie are both also stand-up comedians, in fact that’s how they met.  Listen to find out how they came to co-host the Scummy Mummies Podcast and much much more including:

  • Who’s tried a three way (we’re talking podcasting of course)
  • Who wants to be scrummy, yummy or scummy
  • The full story of how Helen and Ellie met
  • The best way to cope with being a parent
  • Why they started having guests on their show
  • Finding a balance of silliness and seriousness
  • How to deal with serious matters in an entertaining way
  • The progression from trying to be a podcaster to being a natural
  • The difference between podcasting and live shows
  • How to feel like you’re just chatting to friends when recording your show
  • The benefits of a multi platform approach
  • How to get your posts on the Huffington Post
  • The pros and cons of drinking on your show
  • The need for discipline, self-honesty and ruthless editing
  • Turning 2 hours of material into a 40 minute episode
  • Why Ellie needs to keep editing the show
  • The business side of podcasting
  • Why Ellie and Helen podcast
  • What makes Helen cry at her laptop
  • How using Acast for advertising works
  • The advantage of a podcast subject with longevity

‘Editing is like reading music.’

Microphones and editing

Ellie uses Audacity to edit their show.

Scummy Mummies started with a Blue Snowball microphone and recently upgraded to a Blue Yeti.

‘You feel like you’re chatting to friends and forget that the mic is on.’

Advice for Podcast Divas and potential Divas

Feel passionate about, and love what you’re doing.  Don’t just think oh there’s a niche or don’t try to predict what there’s a gap in the market for.  Just do what you really love and that will come across in what you say and who you interview.’ Helen


‘Edit it. It takes time and it’s a pain but as a listener, the podcasts I listen to are the ones that are nice and tight and edited. When it’s just people rambling on for two hours I can’t deal with it, I don’t have time for it – so edit. Be good’. Ellie

Suggested episodes of Scummy Mummies to start with

  • Episode 60 with Kathy Lette
  • Episode 5 on pelvic floor exercises

‘Some of the best moments of my entire life have been on the podcast.’

Helen and Ellie’s recommended Podcast Divas

She’s a podspiration’

Where to find Ellie and Helen

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