Savvy social marketing for your podcast with Amy Schmittauer

Savvy social marketing for your podcast with Amy Schmittauer

Stepping into the spotlight today is Social and Podcast Diva, Amy Schmittauer. Amy is the founder, face and voice of Savvy Sexy Social, as seen all over YouTube where she has an amazing following. Amy is a professional vlogger, speaker and all-round social media expert. She is President of the video content and social media marketing agency Vlog Boss Studios in Ohio, and host of the Social Authority Podcast.

As well as talking about her podcasting journey and experience, Amy is full of great tips and insights on how to use social media as social marketing for your podcast. Get ready to be inspired to up your social media game.

‘Marketing is not a department. It’s a lifestyle.’

In episode 12 of Podcast Divas you find out:

  • What Savvy Sexy Social means
  • What prompted Amy to begin the Social Authority Podcast
  • How podcast feedback compares to video feedback
  • Is Amy really a control freak
  • How Amy started her podcast
  • When it’s the right time to outsource
  • What Amy has to say about being an introvert
  • How the Social Authority Podcast has changed over 70+ episodes
  • Why seasons are a great excuse
  • How Amy nearly gave up her podcast and then refocused
  • The beauty of blab for podcasting
  • Why Pat Flynn had to record Amy’s interview of him for her show
  • How Amy monetizes the Social Authority Podcast
  • How to infuse your podcast with personality from behind the scenes
  • Why you need to market your podcast
  • Why you should choose one social media platform to start
  • Should we use social media automation tools
  • Why Amy’s turned off her Twitter scheduler for a few days
  • What to be careful of when outsourcing social media
  • If scale is always a good thing
  • The difference between promoting your podcast and showing behind the scenes
  • What should podcasters be showing on social media
  • There’s nothing wrong with showing the unsexy parts
  • The difficulties of long form content on YouTube

‘Marketing is really critical but it doesn’t have to mean you have to be all things to all people.’

Amy’s suggested podcast episode

  • Episode 76 ‘From 100 to 1000 email subscribers with personal trainer Melanie Ash’

‘Who is your target and where do they hang out?’

A Podcast Diva recommendation from Amy

‘People think they have to be on every single platform and that’s what holds them back’

Where to find Amy

‘If there is fear, you should lean into it’.

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