The why and how of podcasting with Alexia Leachman plus mojo, head trash and fear-free childbirth!

The why and how of podcasting with Alexia Leachman

“Once you’ve done a couple of podcasts it’s really easy to launch a new one”.

Stepping into the Podcast Diva spotlight today is Alexia Leachman. Alexia is a personal branding and reputation management consultant, coach, writer, consultant, speaker, head trash clearer, mojo hunter, stress-free pregnancy and pain-free childbirth expert and of course – Podcast Diva.

With three podcasts under her belt so far, including two award nominated shows, episode 7 is stuffed full of great stories and tips straight from Alexia’s experience of the why and how of podcasting.

“Blogging takes too long!”

In episode 7 of Podcast Divas you find out:

  • What a mojo hunter is
  • Why Alexia’s embarrassed by her first podcast
  • The advantage of show notes as blogs posts
  • How to get people from your blog posts to your podcast
  • How Alexia went from podcast #1 ‘Mojo’ to podcast #2 the ‘Head Trash’ show in 5 days
  • Some stuff about success in New and Noteworthy
  • How to use a podcast to increase your email list
  • How podcasting doubled Alexia’s email list and keeps growing
  • The joy of amazing stats
  • What happens when you put a show on hold for 9 months
  • The PR-ability of being in New and Noteworthy
  • Why podcast #3 – the Fear-free Childbirth
  • How a podcast from Nottingham UK ended up in Las Vegas, USA
  • How Alexia went from fearful to a fear-free painless birth
  • Email series to book
  • Why two weekly podcasts is too much
  • How to be realistic about what you can do
  • The benefits of editing your own show
  • The pros and cons of outsourcing
  • How to do a complete podcast episode in two and a half hours
  • Why interviews are a longer process
  • Why podcasting is a personal branding win-win
  • The allure of podcast players in cars
  • Retro-fitting your intros and outros

“I did it so badly and so wrong (my first podcast) I realised I should be on iTunes rather than just posting on my own site.”

Key Tips for Podcasters

  1. Make your show notes a standalone blog post rather than a transcript.
  2. Use your intro and outro to drive sign-ups to an opt-in or email list.
  3. Use your first few weeks in New and Noteworthy to cash in on your PR-ability and ask for sponsorship.
  4. Launch 5 episodes all at once to start with.
  5. Don’t be afraid to take a break from your podcast schedule.
  6. Create images for Instagram and Pinterest in Canva and overlay them with quotes from episodes of your shows to publish on social media.
  7. Use Wordswag for the phone and iPad to create images and quotes.
  8. Retro-fit your intros if you get a new lead magnet.

#1 tip for Divas-in-waiting

Just start – maybe your first few episodes will be terrible but it just doesn’t matter – just get it out there and before long you’ll be amazing at it.

“It’s not about me, it’s about the value it brings to others. So if I’ve got a little bit of an issue about how my voice sounds, I’ve just got to get over it.”

Apps, plug-ins and hosting

  • Bluberry plug-in (for great stats)
  • Libsyn for podcast hosting (and great stats!)
  • Evernotes for notes

Other recommended Podcast Divas to listen to

Where to find Alexia and her shows

If you enjoyed the show let Alexia know on Twitter @AlexiaL – Alexia own personal website

“I just go and find the information I need and its there for free on podcasts”

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